Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to our first workshop series

    2. Go do Introduction to ChatGPT module then come back later if you'd like to hear some discussions about it

    3. What is WePrompt and who are Lyndsey, Jaime & Amy

    4. What's going on behind the scenes at WePrompt.

    5. Workshop video - Group discussion - Tuesday June 27th

    6. Workshop Chat Log from Tuesday June 27th

    7. Workshop video - Group discussion - Tuesday July 4th

    8. What ways do you like to communicate, help out, volunteer and learn? July 4th

    9. A look at Thinkific

    10. Recap of Weeks 1 and 2

    11. Discussion: Using AI in Education in Victoria Australia in July 2023

    12. Discussion: Will there be some changes in Education?

    13. Discussion: Rubrics and Learning Outcomes

    14. Lyndsey on teachers using ChatGPT correctly

    1. What is ChatGPT

    2. What is prompting?

    3. Why learn prompting?

    4. What makes a good prompt?

    5. How to get ChatGPT

    6. What to do first with ChatGPT

    7. Limitations of ChatGPT

    8. Why we recommend using the term LLM instead of AI

    9. How is ChatGPT different from google?

    10. ChatGPT and it's biases

    11. There is data missing in ChatGPT, it didn't add more recent data than 2021 in yet.

    12. Where are you at right now with ChatGPT?

    13. Set a few goals for what you'd like to try next with ChatGPT - Homework

    14. Localised data can be missing, entire sets of peoples opinions are missing

    15. What will we be talking about next week?

    1. Chapter Talking points

    2. How does ChatGPT find it's training material

    3. Recorded Discussion: Should we be careful what information we give to ChatGPT?

    4. How does ChatGPT store it's data

    5. GPT Integration Discussion - Does the context that GPT is being used in matter - e.g. if it's writing an email for you

    6. How does ChatGPT pull data out from what is stored?

    7. Recorded discussion: Digital Rights Policy - Should people have to declare they have used AI?

    8. How does ChatGPT decide what to answer to a prompt

    9. Find out more

    1. Input needed - What are the Prompting skills and competencies that everyone needs? - Tuesday July 4th

    2. Group Recording: Making a check list and then into a table with Chat GPT and showing how to adjust prompts

    3. Group Recording - Suggest a name for ..... - ChatGPT Prompting

    4. Using ChatGPT to find plausible but incorrect suggestions for multiple choice questions.

    5. Get ChatGPT to hold off answering a prompt until it has asked and gotten answers to some questions for more context

    6. Give ChatGPT some outcomes and some information and have it write a introduction text then paragraph then as markdown then a list.

    7. Working with Youtube transcripts

    8. Use ChatGPT to write prompts for other AIs

    9. Asking Chat GPT for advice, to tell a joke, to be sarcastic, to write a poem

    10. Dungeons and Dragons with ChatGPT

    11. Letting ChatGPT know my values before asking it to create me a custom travel plan

    12. Tweaking & RePrompting to get what you want to be more specific

    13. Go try these ideas and let us know if you have more PLUS what is on next - Prompting for teachers.

    1. Anti-Hype LLM reading list (20 minute read)

    2. AI browser based dev env

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